Notice of
Website Shutdown

It is with deep regret that we announce that the GAMMANOW website will cease operations on 10 November 2022. All the Razer Silver rewards you earned before 15 September 2022 should have been distributed to you in early October 2022; if you think you still have missing Razer Silver, please contact us at GAMMA Discord before 10 November 2022.

We want to thank all our users and partners for your support and involvement in GAMMANOW during the last few years. This has been a fruitful experience for us. We hope to see you all again in our other projects.

For a Limited time only
Massive increase [30x] in Razer Silver earned per day compared to normal. Follow instructions below to download the app on your Windows 10 computer and login with your Razer ID

AMD RX 5700 -8GB
20000 Silver per day
NVIDIA RTX2060 -Mobile  6GB
10000 Silver per day
800 Silver per day
600 Silver per day

Above amounts of Razer Silver are estimated assuming PC running Gamma full tilt. Your mileage may vary