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How does Gamma work?

The Gamma desktop application utilizes idle GPU processing power to supplement distributed network needs. You earn Gamma Points for the amount of time you let GammaNow work and how strong your hardware is.

What can I do with Gamma Points?

By logging into the Gamma web dashboard, you can access our marketplace via the Redeem button. You can exchange your Gamma Points here for in-game credit in the form of coupon codes.

How many Gamma Points do I need to get a reward?

You'll have to save up Gamma Points until you have enough to redeem for the reward you want in our online marketplace.

How do I redeem the coupon codes?

Take the code and enter it into the appropriate game client! Most games have a Store interface where you can do this.

How do I use Gamma?

It’s simple! Just open the application, sign in, and let your computer idle with no mouse movement until it begins working OR click the start button to manually begin working. We recommend leaving the app open (or open in your app tray) all the time with mouse movement checked on in the settings. This will make sure that Gamma starts working automatically when you head to bed, leave for school, or while you work your day job!

Does Gamma take a fee on the work performed?

We do not take any fees.

Is mining dangerous for my PC?

Using Gamma should not be dangerous for your PC. Our average user reports their GPU temperatures to be around 70ºc when running the app, which is fine for prolonged use. If your GPU temperatures go above 80ºc, we recommend closing the app and double checking your cooling settings/hardware.

Gamma does not overclock hardware and we do not recommend overclocking on your own.

Will Gamma slow down my PC?

Since GammaNow uses a lot of your GPU to crunch numbers, it will slow down your computer—but only while the app is working! For that reason, we recommend using the mouse movement detection, so when you’re playing a game Gamma will stop working so you can enjoy your game!

Does Gamma support CPU mining?

At this time, GammaNow does not support CPU mining. We are working on integrating that back into our system, but are focus on establishing a GPU network first.

I'm getting an error referencing OpenCL.dll. What's wrong?

It sounds like your device is missing some drivers we use from the hardware manufactures!

If you have an nVidia graphics card, you can search for and install openCL.dll here:

If you have an AMD graphics card, you can search for an install openCL.dll here: https://support.amd.com/en-us/download

How many Gamma Points can I expect to earn daily?

The amount of Gamma Points you get depends on the amount of time the Gamma app is running and the available resources your computer (GPU) brings to the table. Point earning will vary day to day, but you are always getting 100% of what you contribute to the network.

What OS does Gamma support?

GammaNow is currently only supported on Windows OS.